Last week was my 3rd annual 21st birthday! I couldn’t believe it… I was feeling a little old, however, I was excited because a friend of mine from school was also having a birthday   later so I wouldn’t have to celebrate getting old alone! So in honor of our birthday I decided to make, what else? A birthday cake!

Alex's Cake

I apologize in advance that I don’t have pictures of the process, I’ll be honest this was my first ever attempt at making a cake so I  didn’t want to document my potential fail. However, thanks to another blogger I was able to find a delicious recipe to follow and make a delicious cake! Check out her blog for the recipe and step-by-step instructions! This is just a review of the recipe. 

photo 1

I decided to try to get a little fancy make 3 layers in round pans and put chocolate frosting in the middle of each layer and around the whole cake! It looked amazing and delicious and I couldn’t wait to try it! My friends enjoyed it with their family as well after our celebration had ended and they enjoyed it too. It was a fun learning experience for me and I hope soon I can create my own recipe for cake. Till then I’ll use this recipe to practice my decorating techniques!

photo 1

The frosting was simple also, I bought store brand coco and on the side was a recipe for chocolate frosting, I now have left over coco to make another recipe in the near future! Wonder what it will be!

photo 2

TIP ALERT: I bought this box from Wal-Mart for $1- so I didn’t have to travel with a personal case and potentially leave it at my friend’s house!

photo 4

The Final Product!

My only suggestion – DO NOT WAIT TO EAT THIS! I wish I had eaten it the same day I’d make it, more for the frosting sake it got hard and kind of dried out the cake. It’s best eaten the same day you frost it!