Today I will not be posting a recipe… I know I’m really sorry! But instead I will be sharing some of the other amazing blogs I read by some of my really close friends.

High school was an amazing time for me but I only had three best friends I’ll keep for life and remember forever, and they are doing amazing things with their lives right now! One got married and is a teacher and the other is living it up in Washington D.C, and both my have a recipe or two to share this month.


College though college was where I made the majority of my friends. Picking a college means you are picking a family, you automatically have something in common and it’s room for growth. The first blog I want to share is one of my absolute best friends, Nicole’s. We met freshman year living across from each other and continued to stay friends because we not only had a living space in common but we shared the same major. She has a blog focused on what we went to school for, Event Planning, she gives great advice on parties, gifts, how to plan a party, who to invite, she wants you to “Devour the Details” of every event. This is a must follow type blog, especially if you are planning a party any time soon! (You can even hire her for your events!)

The second blog I’m sharing is a friend I met way to late in college. Carly and I didn’t met until our senior year of college, not quite sure how this happened (it’s not like we went to a huge college or anything). But I was lucky enough to meet her at all. Carly has this fullness on life attitude and has turned it into a blog. She shares healthy recipes (what are those?!) but she also shares ways to live a fuller life, minus fear, and more giving. It’s a really interesting blog that I enjoy and definitely gets me thinking about how I live my life and how I could be living my life.

Please enjoy these blogs as I do and feel free to share with your friends! Thank you to my followers for being my major supporters and my motivation to hopefully have a huge surprise come 2014! But continue to follow in 2013 for more great holiday recipes!