The saying goes “Friends come and go but Family is forever” and if that’s the case I gained another family when I met Nicole, her family welcomed me into their home on numerous occasions and have been great in introducing me to home cooking and delicious new recipes. Nicole has a family I dreamed of, her mom is one of those Italian Mama’s that cooks for hundreds when she does and Nicole always brought back leftovers to school for us to enjoy! I loved having Nicole around because she got her mom’s cooking skills and always made delicious meals for us! I always made dessert, it was the perfect combination!

I couldn’t be happier to have Mama Pinkham let me share this with my readers. This is the cure-all soup that even beats my own Chicken Noodle soup. This is crock-pot slow cookin’ Italian Wedding Soup, I use to only ever be a chicken noodle soup girl but this recipe changed me! So here it is:


The amounts are going to vary based on personal preference and the size of the crock pot.


Chicken Broth
Ground meat
Onions (Get the tissues out!)
Cheese tortellinis (These are key! Although you can make it with any type of pasta, it became my favorite recipe when Nicole or Mama Pinkham would make it with the cheese tortellinis)


Get out the crock pot and start by pouring the chicken broth into the pot. Then chop up the veggies add as much or as little as you would like! Once those are complete and in the pot you can grab your ground turkey and start rolling it into little meatballs. Once those are done toss them into the pot and turn your crock pot onto “LOW” for 6 Hours!

2013_1218AG  2013_1218AH


Once the soup it complete on the stove top you can make your tortellinis by the package directions. Then add them to your crock pot and you are ready to enjoy! This is so simple to make in the morning and enjoy after work. I hope your family enjoys it as much as my family does.


A special “Thank You” to the Pinkham Family for welcoming me into their home 6 years ago and making me feel like family!