If you can’t tell I have a Superbowl, football, snack food theme going this week! Here is a great chips and dip type recipe. This may be the easiest dip out there and maybe your family already makes it, but my grandmother started making this a while ago and since then it has become a family tradition, no matter what the occasion someone has to make this dip and bring it to the party. So I’m sharing it with you and your friends and family!


Salsa – Size Jar depends on size of baking dish

Whipped Cream Cheese – It doesn’t have to be whipped but that’s a whole lot easier to spread!

Mexican Shreaded Cheese

Chips! – “Scoops” make this easier to enjoy


Start by preheating the oven to 350 Dregrees (F). Then find a baking dish that can be both festive and oven appropraite! Or if it’s just the family and they don’t care then put it in a small cake pan and call it a day!


Start by spreading out the whipped cream cheese, for this picture I used one of the Philedelphia tall containers, if the dish is bigger you may need to buy two containers. Make sure it’s even or someone will miss out on the best part!


Then pour the whole jar of Salsa into the baking dish, again size of jar depends on size of baking pan. For these pictures I used a small jar.


Then add the shreaded cheese! Mix it around and cover evenly, it will melt in the oven and spread a little.

Then bake! There is no set time limit pre-say but until the cheese is fully melted.


Time to grab your chips and enjoy the game!