Get the best recipes and reviews for your next baking day!


Most of you know me, and know I love to bake! Hense why I started this blog to share all my favorite recipes along with some great family recipes. I’m going to be taking you on a journey as I perfect my baking skills and maybe one day even open my own bakery.

If you are new to knowing me then let me introduce myself. My name is Shelagh and I recently graduated from college both my undergrad and graduate classes. While at school I took up baking and fell in love with the stress relief it brought me. My friends enjoyed when I would bake something new every weekend and when I got to be a senior and we had our own kitchen it was sometimes a daily rituatal.

According to my parents my Nana Kelley was an amazing baker and I’d love to share some of her recipes with my readers. I’m willing to listen to any input or feed back so please leave comments on new posts or even let me know what you thought of a recipe if you tried it at home!

This blog will have a new post once a week, unless time permits more so please be patient and follow me on twitter to get sneak peaks at the next weeks recipe! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

– Shelagh K.


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